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Office Furniture Liquidation in Nashville, TN

As companies all over the country grow and expand, they need a larger space and an upgrade to new furniture! So, what happens to the old space and the old furniture?

National Office Wholesale (N.O.W.) is one of the fastest growing companies in the country that specializes in Office & Commercial Space Decommissioning, and Office & Commercial Furniture and Equipment Liquidation! Whether your company is upgrading to new furniture, downsizing, or closing operations, N.O.W. can help you minimize your costs to decommission your old space and liquidate your used furniture and equipment. Our specialized customer-focused process is designed to bring the best possible return on your used furniture and equipment and, more importantly, make your life easier. Though based in Nashville, TN, we can help clients anywhere in the U.S.A.

So, the question is: if your company needs any of these services, anywhere in the USA...

national office wholesale

Why N.O.W.?

  • We Work For You

    At National Office Wholesale (N.O.W.), we work with and for our clients to help you maximize any potential return on your used furniture. Additionally, we work to provide tailored solutions, resources, and oversight to minimize costs of removing the furniture and decommissioning the space.

  • We Have a National Network of Buyers

    Thanks to our strong network of commercial furniture dealers around the U.S.A., we have hundreds of prospective buyers ready to buy product. If your furniture has market value, we will have the best chance of getting you the best offer.

  • We Are Not a Furniture Retailer

    N.O.W. is strictly a “broker” and liquidation manager, selling to furniture dealers. Our fees are structured so that we make our best money by getting our clients the best money for their used furniture. Because we are a supplier to used dealers, we seek to find a home for ALL of your used furniture and equipment, rather than just selected items that might suit a limited inventory need.

  • We Keep Commercial Furniture Out of Landfills

    Finally, if there simply isn’t an opportunity for some of our client’s used furniture or equipment in the buyer market, N.O.W. will work with local charities to repurpose the those items. As a result, we keep product out of landfill and minimize removal costs for our client.