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National Office Wholesale started as an idea when I saw a need for high quality customer centric office space decommission and used furniture liquidation. After working in the commercial moving industry I saw a niche in the market and acted on that vacancy. We started out locally in the Nashville, TN area but quickly through word of mouth about our high quality work we were asked to branch out to different areas of the country. Our unique approach allows us to save a substantial amount of money for our customers. We have continued to see success since our humble beginnings and still continue to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

Why N.O.W.?

We Work For You!
At N.O.W. we work with and for our clients to help maximize any potential return on used furniture, while also
working to provide solutions, resources, and oversight to minimize costs of removing the furniture and
decommissioning the space.

We Have a National Network of Buyers!
Our strong network of used commercial furniture dealers around the U.S.A. means that we literally have
hundreds of prospective buyers ready to buy product. If your furniture has market value, we will have the best
chance of getting you the best return.

We Are Not a Furniture Retailer
Because N.O.W. is not a retail dealer, we are not focusing on only “cherry-picking” furniture we want to sell.
Instead, by selling to furniture dealers around the country, we work to repurpose everything, and our fees are
structured so that we make our best money by getting our clients the best money for their used furniture and

Go GREEN With N.O.W.!
We work to keep furniture out of landfills! If there simply isn’t an opportunity for our client’s used furniture in
the buyer market, N.O.W. will work with local charities to repurpose the furniture, minimize product going to
landfill, and minimize removal costs for our client.

I hope you will consider N.O.W. for all of your furniture brokerage and liquidation needs. You’ll be glad you did!

Chris Ford
President/General Manager
National Office Wholesale (N.O.W.)
(615) 497-2210 cell
[email protected]

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national office wholesalers