Project Management

When companies are relocating or remodeling and getting new furniture, they would generally rather focus on design and build out of their new space, along with selection and installation of their new furniture. – That’s where the excitement is, and where “gratification” of a job-well-done comes from. – For their management and support staff, as well as general contractors and new furniture dealers, dealing with the old space and old furniture is a time consuming, unrewarding distraction from moving forward, but it has to be handled.


At National Office Wholesale (N.O.W.), our job is to eliminate the time and hassles for our clients of dealing with the “old” space and “old” furniture, so they can focus on getting into the new and on increasing productivity. Once we have met with your decision-making team to define the scope and timing of work, provide budgetary quotes and assessments of potential value of the furniture, and establish expectations, N.O.W. will handle the office space decommission and furniture liquidation for you, so your team can focus on the rest of the project.

In addition to being able to autonomously manage the old furniture removal and liquidation process from beginning to end, and providing our client with regular updates, N.O.W. can assist with other needs often involved in these projects, either by packaging them under our scope of work, or by connecting our client with qualified, vetted service providers. Such additional services can include:

  • Staff moves
  • Relocation and reinstallation of existing furniture and workstations
  • Packing, loading, and shipping existing inventory to other client locations
  • Low voltage cabling removal
  • Disconnecting and capping electrical base feeds and power pole connections
  • Patching off walls
  • Referrals for new and used furniture needs

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