Furniture Liquidation

As a supplier of office furniture and equipment to a large network of used furniture retailers and refurbishers around the country, N.O.W. has the experience, expertise, and relationships to provide you with realistic expectations and provide the best possible return on all of your used furniture and equipment, rather than just “cherry-picking” items with the most obvious potential. Once you hire N.O.W. for your Decommission project, we begin working to pre-sell as much of your used furniture before the project start date, and share those revenues with you to help offset the costs of the overall project. – Take a look at our step-by-step process below.

Step 1 – Assess Client’s Needs

N.O.W. will meet with the client, in person or by phone, to discuss the overall project scope of work and anticipated timing, client expectations, and answer any initial questions the client might have. Then N.O.W. schedule a site visit in order to take detailed counts and pictures of the inventory, and assess the building circumstances.

Step 2 – Provide Budgets – “not-to-exceed” (worst case scenario)

Based on the information gathered in Step 1, N.O.W. will provide a market-competitive, “not-to-exceed” cost proposal to remove the furniture and leave the space in “broom swept” condition. This quote only reflects the costs for Project Management, labor, and equipment to properly remove the furniture, and does not provide considerations for potential value of the furniture and equipment.

Step 3 – Marketing Client’s Furniture – AND Revenue Sharing!!

Once hired, N.O.W.  will implement our unique process to market and pre-sell as much of the client’s furniture as possible through our national network of buyers, so that its final destination is determined before the actual decommission begins. N.O.W. will negotiate all pricing with potential buyers, invoice and collect from buyers, and coordinate (during the decommission project) load out and shipping to buyers’ destinations. Once the decommission project is complete, N.O.W. will apply a substantial percentage of furniture sales revenues against the quoted decommission costs, with the goal of getting the client’s final costs as close to zero as possible (or better)!

Step 4 – Charities

In the event that some (or all) of the furniture is not purchased by our buyers, N.O.W. will reach out to our local charity partners to try to repurpose it there. Any furniture taken by charities will result in a reduction in landfill fees to the client, and a certificate of donation can be provided to the client by the charity.

Step 5 – Furniture Removal & Space Decommission

Whether the furniture is sold, donated, or ends up in landfill, N.O.W. will coordinate and oversee all labor to remove the furniture to ensure the client’s interest are protected, the space is left undamaged, the project is completed timely, and the space is left in “broom swept” condition.

Step 6 – Follow up & Invoicing

Once the project is complete, N.O.W. will handle all invoicing to buyers, payments to vendors, and (if applicable) payments to the client. We will also follow up with the client to confirm satisfaction and if there are any “punch” items that need to be handled.

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