Office Liquidation & Decommission

Office Liquidation

In commercial leases, tenants are usually responsible for leaving their office space in it’s original condition. This is a big project encompassing a wide range of services. Don’t settle for budget movers’ subpar service – instead, find a partner in streamlining your process and finding the best return. National Office Wholesale (N.O.W.) provides office liquidation and office space decommissioning services that will help you maintain your contractual obligations and sanity.

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Office Liquidation Process

Step 1 – Assess Client’s Needs

N.O.W. meets with the client to determine needs, scope of work, and timeframe. The client’s office liquidation inventory is reviewed, then the client receives an honest opinion about its marketability among local and national buyers.

Step 2 – Provide Budgets

After products are inventoried for office liquidation, a market-competitive estimate of the cost for a qualified company to remove and dispose of all of the furniture is provided. While it is rare that none of it is sold or donated, it provides a “worst-case-scenario” budget in addition to a real world understanding concerning the value of N.O.W. services. Then, N.O.W. will include it’s “not-to-exceed” proposal. When hired, our mission is minimizing client’s costs and, where possible, providing a positive return.

Step 3 – Marketing Client’s Furniture

Once N.O.W. is hired to manage and broker the office liquidation, we implement our aggressive marketing strategy. We undertake a comprehensive campaign to offer the inventory for sale to our local and national buyers who we believe will be most interested in the specific inventory. As interest is generated, N.O.W. will field all inquiries, arrange any requested site visits by prospective buyers, and negotiate offers. Once all offers for the furniture have been received, reviewed, and negotiated by N.O.W., we will prepare a summary to the client of the “net” result.

Step 4 – Charities

In the event that some (or all) of the furniture is not purchased by our buyers, N.O.W. will reach out to our local charity partners to try to repurpose it there. Any furniture taken by charities will result in a reduction in removal costs and landfill fees to the client, and a certificate of donation can be provided to the client by the charity.

Step 5 – Furniture Removal & Space Decommission

Whether the furniture is sold, donated, or ends up in landfill, N.O.W. coordinates and oversees all labor to remove the furniture to ensure the client’s interest are protected. We remove the furniture, leaving the space undamaged, completing the project in a timely fashion and leaving the space in “broom swept” condition.

Step 6 – Follow up & Invoicing

Once the project is complete, N.O.W. will handle all invoicing to buyers, payments to vendors, and (if applicable) payments to the client. We will also follow up with the client to confirm satisfaction and if there are any “punch” items that need to be handled.

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